Gibson EH-150 Guitar Amplifier

Gibson EH-150 Guitar Amplifier

This is one of the first guitar amplifiers produced by Gibson for the commercial market.  The model shown is the EH-150, made sometime in 1936 or 1937.  

It featured a 10 inch electrodynamic speaker driven by a pair of 6N6 direct coupled triodes, with a potential for about 15 watts output.  Three 6C5's and one 6F5 provide the low level amplification.  Interestingly, in the unit shown here, the clearance between the output tubes and the speaker is very small (the speaker is original), making it impossible to use the glass version of the 6N6 (the 6N6G).  The tubes shown here are the earlier (and rarer) metal-glass versions (the 6N6-MG).  Other pictures of this amplifier that I have seen show the 6N6G's, so it is possible that Gibson changed the speaker design to allow use of the later tubes.

An updated version of this amplifier with a slightly different cabinet, updated chassis (6L6 outputs), and a 12 inch speaker was introduced in 1937, though, with the same model number.  The upper corners of the cabinet were rounded, rather than the square corners of the earlier models.  

Gibson EH-150 Guitar Amplifier-Rear View