Magnavox Model AC-3 Audio Amplifier

Magnavox AC-3 Amplifier

In the early 1920's, the Magnavox Company was best known for its line of high quality horn speakers, and the image of the lion's head emerging from the bell of a horn.  The word "Magnavox", of course, was derived from Latin words meaning, literally, "large voice".

Less well known, and far less common, are their amplifiers, one of which is shown here.  This is the model AC-3 which featured three stages of amplification, and switching that allowed one, two, or three stages to be used, as required.  Various tubes could be used with this amplifier.  Each of the tube socket shells had two bayonet pin slots allowing tubes to be used having the standard pin location (such as the RCA UV-201 and UV-202, or the Magnavox tube), or the alternate pin location (offset by 45 degrees) used on the Western Electric VT-2 and 205 series tubes.  This unit is shown with VT-2 tubes installed.  Magnavox also made similar amplifiers using two or six tubes.

Magnavox AC-3 Amplifier

Magnavox Amplifier Internal View

Magnavox Amplifier Decal

Label on Bottom