Hammond "Firefly" and "Modern Firefly"

Hammond made two versions of the "Firefly" clock circa 1936.  Both were spin-start alarm clocks, and both had illuminated dials, no doubt, the inspiration for the name.  The traditionally styled version shown above was simply called the "Firefly", while the Art Deco version below was the "Modern Firefly".  The modern version was the model 302; I have not found a model number for the other one.

Both of the clocks shown here have white Plaskon cases with brass trim.  The faces were made of a thin sheet of translucent plastic.  A small bulb located behind the face gave them a soft pleasing glow for nighttime visibility. 

The original Firefly was also available in brown Bakelite.  Some of them did not have the non-functional brass decoration on the top.  The Modern Firefly was available in a marbleized version (see picture below), and probably in black Bakelite, with chrome trim.  Some had rubber feet, others had the brass feet as seen here.

All of these clocks are clean, attractive designs, and quite hard to find today.

Shown above is a rare version of the Modern Firefly in black and white (salt and pepper) Plaskon, generally known as Beetle.  This picture was provided by another collector.  Unfortunately, I don't own this clock.