Hammond "Gregory" Clock

Hammond called this Art Deco masterpiece the "Gregory", but collectors call it the "Skyscraper".  It was introduced circa 1931, and featured a day and date display in addition to the normal manual-start Hammond movement.  The internal gearing is such that it takes about two hours for the day and date to complete their change cycle, a process which begins at midnight.  The little opening just above the "6" is an AM-PM indicator.

The Bakelite case was available in two colors.  The brown version featured a yellow or gold-finished face with a gold second hand.  The black version had a silver face with a green second hand.  The hour and minute hands were black on both versions.

Today, for reasons that are not clear, the black version is quite common, while the brown is rare.  The "black to brown" ratio seems to be about 20 to 1, based on the number of each that I have seen.