General Electric Model 7H80 "Julep"

This is probably the most often seen of the Telechron/GE Catalin clocks.  This is the GE Model 7H80, known as the "Julep".  It was available in white, rose, or black.  The rose versions have oxidized to the same yellow color as the white ones, so it is nearly impossible to recognize them.  The clock shown on this page is unusual as the case is nearly transparent and the movement inside can be seen.  It had originally been lined with a paper sleeve to hide the innards.

For fun, I installed several small neon bulbs inside this clock which makes it into a great night light (though the face is invisible in a dark room).  Telechron missed a great opportunity by not doing this with some of their production Catalin-cased clocks.

GE "Julep" in Rose

This is a rose Julep restored to something resembling its original color.  Unfortunately, the unstable pigments have faded, so the color now is much lighter than the original pale lavender shade.