General Electric Model 7F58 "Lumalarm" Clock

The General Electric model 7F58 was known as the "Lumalarm", and cost $7.50 in 1935.  The face was illuminated by a small bulb in the base just below the "6" and a tiny rheostat controlled the brightness.  The numbers and patterning were applied to the inside of the crystal using a steel gray mirror finish with white highlights.  The petal motif was echoed on the top surface.  The case was made of black Bakelite, though a version in white Plaskon plastic was available as well, with a much different face design.

Amos Northrup was issued patent D97204 on Oct. 15, 1935 for the design of this clock.

1935 GE Dealer's Catalog Page 1935 GE Dealer's Catalog Page

Shown here are two 1935 GE Dealer's catalog pages showing the two versions of the Lumalarm.