Replacement Trim for the Telechron Electrolarm

One of the biggest problems with the Telechron Electrolarm clock is that of missing trim strips. 

Specifically, the six gold-colored trim pieces shown on the clock above are often missing because the old glue has ceased to hold, and over the years, the pieces have fallen off and gotten lost.

The original pieces are brass with a gold-painted finish, and the material was stamped to give it a fluted appearance.

Until someone makes the effort to have the actual material reproduced (likely an expensive proposition), there is a quick, cheap, and effective solution.

The Plastruct company makes a line of materials for making scale architectural models.  One of their products was designed to replicate wood planking.  The cross section of this material is very similar to what Telechron used, and it is a workable substitute for the real thing.

The material I used is their catalog number PS-32.  You can order it on-line, or buy it at any good hobby shop. 

The photo above shows a clock with six reproduction trim pieces made using the Plastruct product.  All that is necessary is to cut the material using a scissors or X-Acto kife to fit into the recessed areas on the front of the clock, and cut the hole in the bottom center piece so the alarm shutoff control can come through.   The hole needs to match the hole in the Bakelite case.

Finally, the pieces have to be painted with gold paint and glued onto the clock.

I don't have a solution for the two trim pieces at the bottom at either side of center.  They would have to be reproduced by making a mold of the original pieces, and then making castings from those molds.

Also, the two very thin strips at either side are never missing, so they're not a problem.

So, for about $15 and not much work, you can replace all these trim pieces so the clock will at least look original.