Hotpoint Oven Timers by Telechron

Hotpoint Oven Timer

This incredible Art Deco clock was made by General Electric for Hotpoint in the early thirtis.  It was the model TM-8 "Electric Clock Range Timer".  It is a large, heavy unit, about 8 1/2 inches wide, with a chrome case and a black Bakelite base.  The on and off times were set separately, by knobs on the back, as shown by indicators in the lower corners.  This was a dangerous design, though.  If unattended, the on-off cycle would repeat indefinitely.

This clock was designed by Raymond Patten, and is covered by design patent D83642, issued on March 10, 1931.

As the 30's wore on, the mechanisms for such timers grew smaller and more advanced.  The styling was more restrained, as well, as can be seen in the very architectural GE/Hotpoint model TM-29 shown below.  This unit is about 5 1/2 inches high and could be had in black Bakelite, or a choice of gray or white Plaskon.

The revised design allowed only one on-off cycle to occur.

These timers were intended to be connected directly into the internal wiring of the range, though they can be used today as stand-alone clocks.

Hotpoint Model TM-29 Timer