Telechron "Telalarm" Series
GE AB716 and Telechron 711
The "Telalarm" series of clocks, first introduced in 1931, was a very successful product, and remained on the market for a number of years.  They were sold as Telechrons, and as "General Electric Telechrons", and were available with and without illumination.  The Telechron versions were model 711 (light) and 715 (no light).  The GE Telechron version were model AB712 (light) and AB716 (no light).

Two case styles were used.  The simpler one (at the left in the above picture) was used on GE Telechrons, and the fancier one was used on Telechrons.  Both have black Bakelite bases. 

These cases appear to have been made of nickel silver (an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc, with no silver).  The clock on the left has a tag on the bottom which identifies the manufacturer of the case as the Dura Company of Toledo, OH (they called it "Dura-Silver Alloy").  The backs were nickel-plated brass.  Whatever the material, these cases seem to be very prone to pitting; a case with no pitting whatsoever is rare, indeed.  Some were apparently sold with a painted finish.

In the illuminated models, a small bulb was located below the dial which shone through a piece of white translucent glass at the bottom of the dial.  The brightness was adjustable.

General Electric Telechron model AB716

Telechron Model 711 "Telalarm"

Telechron Model 711

Telechron Model 711 "Telalarm" Lit
Telechron Model 711 (Illuminated)
Rear of GE Telechron AB716