Telechron Model 7B01 "Autolarm"

The Telechron model 7B01 was sold from 1932 to 1934, and was very similar internally to the Electroalarm model, though it is much less common.  It is smaller, and the styling is traditional, but the bone jarring alarm is still there, as is the alarm shutoff lever projecting through a hole in the front.  The case is brown Bakelite, the handle on top is brass, and the feet are brass finished white metal castings.  Like the Electroalarm, there is a small bulb at the top of the face for nighttime illumination. 

The staining of the face illustrates the folly of excessive oiling, probably applied by a home fix-it person a half century ago in a futile attempt to quiet a noisy rotor.  What was once a slippery liquid is now a solid deposit, and any attempt to remove it will almost surely cause additional damage the face.