Telechron Model 7H101 "Imp"

Gray Telechron "Imp"

The Telechron model 7H101 "Imp" alarm clock was produced from about 1940 through 1948 exclusively using Catalin plastic cases.  Before the war, it was available in white (now yellow), rose (now yellow), or brown with brown numerals on a tan background.  The postwar model was only produced in a steel gray color (now an olive color), with white numerals on a gray background and is one of the few Telechron clocks to use radium paint on the hands and face.

As with many other designs using Catalin, the designers did not account for the eventual shrinkage of the material and interference with metal parts that did not shrink.  Either the cases cracked, or developed chips.  As a result, it is difficult to locate totally damage-free examples of these clocks.  The problem with yellowing was well known-some clocks are found with stickers on the back which warned that sunlight would "fade" the cases.

Gray "Imp"

Brown "Imp"

Yellow "Imp"