Telechron Model 4F65 "Luxor"

Telechron "Luxor"
The 1936 Telechron 4F65 "Luxor" featured an imitation cloisonné face surrounded by an off-center mirrored ring.  The faces were actually textured disks with a matte silver finish.  The one above was tinted with a coat of blue lacquer (which is often badly faded).

There were three versions of the Luxor.  The most commonly seen had a blue mirror and a blue face.  This was a popular model, and it remained in the catalog for about four years.  It is by far the best looking of the three.

Available for only a about year were the other two versions.  One had a clear glass mirror and a silver face (shown below).  The third used "amethyst" glass.

All versions had a chrome base and hands.  The shell for the movement was chrome plated on some example, and painted silver on others.

Jacques Bars was issued patent D97753 on Oct. 17, 1935 for the design of this clock.

Telechron "Luxor"
Telechron "Luxor" Rear View