Telechron Model 8F01 "Smug"

Telechron Smug
This is one of the few true novelty clocks made by Telechron, and it is one of the most desirable.  At least, it is a favorite of mine.  The model 8F01 clock was known as the "Smug", and there was an alarm version (7F63) appropriately called the "Quacker".  

The clock shown here has a black Bakelite body with an orange Plaskon beak, and painted eyes that seem always to be watching you.  It was also available with a yellow or blue Plaskon case, and was in the catalog from 1935 through 1939.  

When I found this much abused clock, the glass was smashed, the face was damaged, and some idiot had hacked a hole in the back to get it opened.  He didn't realize that the setting knob had a reverse thread, and the more he tried to loosen it, the tighter it got.  Fortunately, the original hands were still there.

I scanned the face (seen below), and Photoshopped it back to it's former glory.  It now appears as a paper overlay on another Telechron face.  That will have to do until I find an original face, which will probably never happen.

Telechron Smug