Cadillac Electric Clocks

These unusual glass-cased electric clocks  probably date to the early 1930's.   The one on the left displays a script Cadillac logo on the face, and the one on the right has a paper sticker on the back which proclaims it as a "Cadillac Electric-Time" clock, made by the Vidrio Products Corporation of Chicago.  Vidrio was primarily a maker of glass kitchenware and small electric appliances.

The script logo is almost identical to the Cadillac automobile logo, and General Motors almost surely filed a lawsuit against Vidrio.  On that basis, one would assume that the clock on the left is the earlier of the two.  They could probably get away with using the Cadillac name, but not the trademark, which they replaced with "Electric Time".

They are fairly typical inexpensive clocks of the time, and are not self-starting.  The one on the left is an alarm clock.  

The most unusual features are the octagonal slag glass cases which were made using uranium glass, which fluoresces a bright green when lit with ultraviolet light and has a yellowish-green color in normal light.