Ingraham Model SSC5 Clock

This is the Ingraham model SSC5, probably from the late 1930's.  It is a self-starting electric design which chimed on the hour and half hour, hence the grill on the front.  The styling is quite attractive, though the face is a bit too large.  The real wood carvings along the bottom edge are a great touch.  It stands about 9 inches high, and is six inches wide at the base.

Radio collectors esteem the stylish wood cases that Ingraham made for Emerson, and several other makers, but they tend to forget that Ingraham was a major clock manufacturer, and making radio cabinets was a side business for them.

Ingraham's specialty was building cases and cabinets with multiple curves, and veneer which followed those curves smoothly.  This example is no exception.  They had apparently perfected this technique, as their designs have survived the years very well, with a minimum of lifting or splitting of the veneer.