Kenmore Clocks

This Kenmore model 906 clock was made circa 1932 by the Kodel Corporation of Cincinnati, OH, and was called the "Dowling".  At the time, the electric clock was still new technology, so it still made sense to proclaim its electric nature on the face.  The angular Art Deco design case was made of a lustrous reddish-brown Bakelite.  The clock had the deluxe feature of a date/day readout but, like many clocks of the day, it did not have a self starting feature.  The "Kenmore" name and trademark, it would appear, was later registered by Sears, Roebuck and Co.  Exactly what connection existed between Sears and Kodel is unknown.

The clock shown below is another Kenmore clock from the same era (the model number is unknown).  This one is an alarm clock (the toggle switch on the front controls the alarm), and has a brown Bakelite case.