McClintock Catalin Clocks

McClintock Click

The O. B. McClintock Company of Minneapolis, MN made several models of Catalin-cased clocks, the most striking of which is pictured above.  In the model 15D700 alarm clock, a block of Catalin resembling a giant piece of Chicklet's gum surrounds the face.  The hands, however, are the most notable.  Only the minute hand is conventional.  The second "hand" is a rotating disk in the center, and the hour hand looks as if it were one of Mickey Mouse's ears.  As with many Catalin products, the designers failed to account for shrinkage, resulting in the severe cracking seen above.  Another model is shown below, in a pale shade of green.  Oddly, both of the clocks shown here bear the same model number.

McClintock Clock