Seth Thomas Desk Clock

This clock was made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company of Thomaston, Connecticut, probably in the late 1930's.  There is no model number visible. 

The face is a thick slab of brass, five inches square, with applied brass bars that serve as the numerals.  The "feet" were made from lengths of brass tubing.  The face and housing for the mechanism are finished in a gunmetal gray metallic paint.  The design is cold and austere, but still very attractive, a perfect clock for the machine-age office or home.

The sweep second hand is a bit unusual, being located behind the other hands.  I don't recall seeing another clock with this arrangement, but it certainly served to protect the most delicate of the three hands.  Other clocks with exposed hands, such as the Viking Moonglow models, are often found with the second hands broken off.