Viking "Moonglow" Clocks

Chrome Viking "Moonglow"

The Viking "Moonglow" clock was introduced by the Viking Products Corporation of New York, NY in 1934.  The vertical glass pane was lit from below by a 7 1/2 watt incandescent bulb.  The grainy pattern in the center of the face reflected the light, and the overall effect in a darkened room was meant to resemble the gentle glow of a full moon.  This illusion vanished quickly when the jarring raucous buzz of the alarm brought the sleeper back to ugly reality.  The base was available in chrome or a gold finish, and there were two face variations.  The movement was made by Hammond.

This clock was covered by design patent 95161 issued on April 9, 1935.

Gold Tone Viking "Moonglow"

Gold Tone Viking "Moonglow" Lit

Viking Introduction-1934