Electro-Voice Model V-1A Velocity Microphone

The unit shown here is the Electro-Voice model V-1A ribbon velocity microphone, probably dating to the early 1950's.  It was the smallest and least expensive of a series of similar microphones which were introduced in the late 1930's which included the V-1, the V-2, the V-3, and the V-4.  It is also the best looking with its satin chrome finish (the others had painted finishes).

It is 6 1/2 inches high, 2 3/4 inches wide, and 2 1/8 inches deep.  The published frequency response was 40-9000 Hz, and it had an unbalanced high-impedance output.  At some point, an improved version, the V-1A, replaced the V-1 (though I haven't been able to determine the differences).  The V-1A sold for about $30 in the early 1950's.

It's larger and more expensive brethren were basically similar, with additional features and better response.  The V-2 offered other impedance options, a multi-pin connector, and a more advanced shock mount.  The V-3 added an impedance selector switch.  The V-4 had still better frequency response (but apparently was dropped from the line after only a year or two).  All of these microphones had an on-off switch in the lower housing.

The microphone is shown below with its original box.  It appears to have never been used.

The nameplate on the microphone shows the manufacturer as the Convert-A-Phone Company, of Birmingham, AL.  It was purchased from Electro-Voice to be sold with a public address system.  Such companies purchased in sufficiently large quantities to justify putting their own nameplates on the microphones.