Microphone Flags

WCAU Microphone Flag
A microphone "flag" is a plate or panel which is mounted on a microphone to display the station's call letters or network initials.  The purpose was to take advantage of the free advertising value of any photograph in which the microphone appeared, or the presence of the microphone at any public event.

The two flags shown here came from radio station WCAU in Philadelphia, and are aluminum castings with decorative paint.  The one shown above was for the RCA model 77D and 77DX microphones.  I have not identified the one shown below.

WCAU Microphone Flag
WCAU Microphones
This photo was taken at WCAU, probably in the early 1960's.  This is Ed Harvey, host of the WCAU morning show for many years.  Two RCA 77-DX microphones can be seen with flags identical to the one shown above.