Microphone Images from Various Sources

  The image of a microphone has frequently appeared in various settings as a symbol of broadcasting, recording, and communication.  On this page, are a number of images that I have run across featuring microphones.  I will add to this page as I run across additional items.  
This is an advertisement for the CBS Radio Network which featured a number of microphones.  I found it in the February, 1956 issue of Industrial Design magazine, where it had been featured as an example of the work of graphic designer Lou Dorfsman, who worked for CBS.  I don't know where (and if) it appeared as a paid advertisement, but I would expect it was in a trade publication, in 1953.  The microphone photographs have been carefully edited to remove any identifiable manufacturer's logos, in particular, that of competitor RCA, which owned NBC.  Though it is impossible to identify the exact model numbers in some cases, from left to right, the microphones are the Altec 639B "Birdcage", the RCA KB-2A "Paintbrush",  Western Electric 618-A (?), Altec 21-C, RCA 88-A, Shure 556S "Broadcast Unidyne", RCA BK-1A, RCA 77-B, RCA BK-4A "Starmaker",  RCA MI-6204-C "Varacoustic", Western Electric/Altec 633-A "Saltshaker", another RCA "Paintbrush", RCA KU-2A, Turner 22D, another Altec 21-C, RCA 44-A, and ElectroVoice 655.  Click here or on the photo for a much larger version.
Shown above are two record labels from 78 RPM records.  The first shows a Western Electric style carbon microphone and a radio antenna, and is dated 1939.  The second shows an RCA 77 style microphone, and is from the late 1940's.
  This colorful poster advertised a 1941 event at the Conneaut Lake amusement park.  It features an image of a clown using a vintage microphone with F-U-N as the call letters.  A number of companies made microphones of this general appearance, including RCA, Western Electric, and Turner.

Conneaut Lake Park is still very much in business, and is located about 40 miles southwest of Erie, PA, and about 50 miles east of Cleveland, OH.  The event was a company picnic for the Firch Baking Company, which is located in Erie.