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The nameplate is missing from this early 1930's double-button carbon microphone, but is was almost certainly made by Webster (the forerunner of Webcor).  The stand is cast iron, with a black crackle painted finish, and is unusual for its octagonal shape.
This microphone was made by the Lifetime Corporation of Toledo, Ohio, and is marked with the name and city, and the number 6, which is the model number.  Not much is known about this company, but they briefly advertised a similar microphone (the model 8) late in 1933.  The body of this microphone is cast aluminum.
This microphone was included as part of a mid-1930's portable public address system.  It is not marked in any way, but it is almost certainly a model EL as made by the American Microphone Company.  It is mounted in the original floor stand, which has an American decal on its base.  The amplifier can be seen here.

The stand, itself, is a bit unusual.  Most stands have a single adjustment point.  This one has two, which allows the stand to be collapsed down to a height of about 24 inches.  This was necessary to allow the stand to be stored inside the carrying case for the complete system.