Universal Model 716 Crystal Microphone
Universal 716 Microphone Universal 716 Microphone
This model 716 microphone was made by the Universal Microphone Company of Inglewood, CA.  The case and yoke are die castings, chrome-plated, and the handle is wood.  Originally, the end of the handle could be inserted into a base for desk use, but that piece is missing.  It is a crystal type, and as such, was an inexpensive microphone meant primarily for public address and amateur radio use.  It is about 9 inches long, and the element housing is about 2 inches in diameter.  
Universal 716 License Sticker Universal 716 Name Plate

The ERPI (Electrial Research Products, Inc) licensing sticker on the back dates this microphone to be no later than 1937, when ERPI became the Altec Service Company.  Crystal microphones appeared on the market in about 1935, so this microphone was made sometime in the 1935-37 period.