Wristwatch "Spy" Microphone

Wristwatch Microphone
Throughout the 1950's, the West German company, Protona GMBH of Hamburg, produced the Minifon pocket wire recorder.  This wristwatch microphone was an available accessory at a list price of $37.50.

It is a miniature crystal microphone designed to look like a normal (though expensive) wristwatch.  It was meant to be worn on the left wrist, with the wire running inside the sleeve.  A shoulder harness held the recorder invisibly under one's suit jacket.  Of course, there is no watch mechanism inside.

This microphone was clearly intended for clandestine recording, though the recorder was marketed to the "business man".  The 50's were the height of the Cold War, and equipment such as this would have been of great interest within the intelligence community.

Wristwatch Microphone-Rear View