Atwater Kent Radio Name Plates
Shown here are four decorative gold-plated metal plates that were used on Atwater Kent radios in the mid to late 1920's.  They were found as a group, and had never been installed on a radio.  I suspect that they had been "borrowed" by an employee either of Atwater Kent, or of the company that produced them for Atwater Kent.  The two plates with the sailing ships were found on the top lids of the various metal-box AK radios, and are quite common.
The other two plates are very unusual.  They were apparently created to be affixed to the one-millionth and the two-millionth radios made by AK.  The 1926 advertisement shown below shows a radio with one of these plates mounted on the front.  Click on the image for a larger version.

There should only have been one "one millionth" and one "two millionth" radios, but radios bearing these plates show up on rare occasions.  I am told that at least one of these plates has been reproduced in plastic, so beware!