Radio Cartoons
The three little cartoons/caricatures shown here were found in 8BNY's photo album.  They were drawn in black ink on heavy paper, and date to the mid 1920's.  My guess would be the "M.D." was an actual doctor who was also a radio buff.  Note the "car" in the last cartoon.  The "wheels" are speaker cones, and the "headlights" are radio tubes.

The following two scans are from a little pornographic booklet titled "The Radio Salesman" from the 1930's.  Such booklets are known as "Tijuana Bibles" or 8-pagers, and often featured popular comic strip characters in x-rated situations.

These are the only images from this booklet that are suitable for this site.  The plot is simple and predictable.  The salesman arrives at a lady's house to install a new television set.  He turns it on, the show turns her on, and they have "fun".  What is far more interesting is the image of the television set, itself.  LCD's in the 1930's?  I scanned the full booklet.  If anyone is interested, I will email you a file (.pdf format) containing the entire series, but you must be over 18!

The Radio Salesman-Page 1
The Radio Salesman-Page 2