Smith Metal Arts Company Bronze Pen Holder

This bronze pen holder was made by the Smith Metal Arts Company of Buffalo, NY sometime in the 1920's.  Their trade name "Silver Crest" is stamped into the bottom surface, as seen below.  It is part of a matching set of desk accessories, all with a similar design theme.

The receptacle for the pen itself is marked "Parker".  Nothing but the best.

Smith grew out of the Heintz Art Metal Shop, also of Buffalo, NY.  Heintz was a producer of decorative metal work, often bronze with silver overlay, and was an important player in the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century.  After the death of Otto Heintz (the founder of the company) in 1919,  the chief salesman, Fred Smith, bought the remains of the company and named it after himself.  They produced a line of desk accessories that were sold through jewelry stores throughout the country.  Most of their products in this era were unabashedly Art-Deco, and this pen holder is no exception.

Smith also made clock cases for Lawson Time, of Alhambra, CA.

The company flourished as they expanded into the high-end office furniture and accessories market.  In 1986, Smith bought the McDonald Products Company, a former rival.  The company continues today as the Smith McDonald Corporation.  Some of their other products from this era can be seen at their website.