Early Weston Ammeter

Weston Station Ammeter

This exceptional panel meter was made by the Weston Electrical Instrument Company of Newark, NJ.  The case is cast iron, heavily plated with copper, and is about 12 inches at its widest point.  The meter scale is illuminated from behind.  The latest patent date shown on the unit is 1901. 

This meter was acquired with the photograph shown below of an old power panel containing a number of similar meters.  Information on the back of the photo states that the panel was located in the main branch of the Philadelphia Free Library and was removed during a renovation in 1978.  Construction of the Free Library spanned the years 1917 to 1925, so this installation would have been original to the building.  The meter shown here is not actually in the photo (the meter scale is different from any of those on the panel), but it is almost certain that this is where this meter was used.

Weston Station Ammeter-Rear View

Power Panel-Philadelphia Public Library