WFIL-TV Memorabilia

WFIL-TV went on the air on Channel 6 in Philadlephia in 1947.  Their transmitter was an RCA model TT-25BL with a power output of 25 KW.  This transmitter was in use until 1953, when it was replaced by a higher powered unit.  While it is not clear whether this transmitter was removed at this point, or retained as a backup unit, at some point it was scrapped.  When this happened, one of the engineers removed the nameplates shown on this page. 
This decorative nameplate appeared on the front of one of the WFIL-TV transmitter equipment racks.  It is made of clear Lucite plastic, with the lettering engraved into the back surface.  The engravings were filled with gold paint, and then covered with black paint.  The RCA "meatball" logo disc fit into a recess cut into the plastic.  Nameplates like this were used on most of the larger pieces of RCA broadcast equipment throughout the 40's and early 50's.  It measures about 3 by 5 inches.
This was the "official" nameplate identifying the transmitter.  It was located inside one of the cabinets.
This call letter "flag" was attached to one of WFIL-TV's cameras.  It was machined from 1/8 inch thick brass plate and then chrome plated.  It measures 10 by 2 1/2 inches.

To the left is a felt banner that might have been displayed on a TV camera, or some other piece of equipment during remote broadcasts.  It is about 3 inches wide, and 12 inches high.  Below is a jacket patch.