WJAX Studio and Transmitter 1931

WJAX Studio
WJAX Transmitter
Visible in the above photograph is a portion of a Western Electric 6-B 1000 Watt broadcast transmitter installation.  The large rack to the left contains the RF power amplifier, the modulator, and power supplies.  An additional rack containing the crystal oscillator and low power RF stages is not visible.

Two smaller equipment racks are seen at the right.  From top to bottom, in the left rack, is a patch bay, a type 18-B monitor amplifier (driving the 540-AW cone speaker in the center of the picture), an unidentified unit, and another patch bay.  In the right rack is a 514-A meter panel, a 203-B volume indicator panel, and a type 8-C speech input amplifier.  On the desk in front of the racks is a ring-mount carbon microphone (probably a Western Electric 387).   Behind the speaker is what appears to be an oak-cased wall telephone.  The meter at the top suggests this may have been used as a remote monitor device.  Note also the dimensional distortion in the original photograph-the two racks are, in fact, the same width.

In the studio is a Western Electric carbon microphone in a 1-B housing mounted on a floor stand.