8BNY's Licenses and Other Papers

On this page you can see some of 8BNY's radio operator's licenses, and some other related items.  Click here to go to the 8BNY page.  Note how the governmental regulatory agency evolves over the years.  The future president, Herbert Hoover's name appears on several of these licenses in his capacity as Secretary of Commerce, though he didn't sign any of them.

Amateur Radio License-1921

8BNY's First Ham License, Aug. 13, 1921 (Click on the image for a larger view)

Letter to R. Winchester

Letter to R. Winchester concerning broadcasting from his ham station.

ARRL Relay Appointment Certificate, 1923

ARRL Relay Appointment Certificate, 1923

ARRL Membership Certificate, 1923

ARRL Membership Certificate, 1923

First Class Commercial Operator's License-1925
First Class Commercial Operator's License-1925 (Issued by the Department of Commerce-Bureau of Navigation) 
Service Record-1925
The Service Record on the back of the 1925 license showing 8BNY's service on the USS Newport in the summer of 1925
Amateur License-1927
Amateur License-1927 (Issued by Department of Commerce-Radio Division.  The signature of Charles Kolster appears on the license.  He was the brother of Frederick Kolster, the founder of the Kolster Radio Corporation.)
Extra First Class Amateur License-1932

Extra First Class Amateur License-1932  (At this point, 8BNY became W8BZR.  Note the typed-in name change from the Department of Commerce to the Federal Radio Commission.  This was issued shortly after the name change, and new forms had not yet been printed).

Second Class Radiotelegraph License, 1934

Second Class Radiotelegraph License, 1934, with First Class Radiotelephone endorsement.  (This was issued by the Federal Radio Commission which was reorganized shortly thereafter in July, 1934 to become the current Federal Communications Commission)