1940 Appliance Store/Radio Dealer Photos

These January, 1940 photos show a typical appliance and radio store of the period, most likely in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately, the quality is not especially good, and they were taken at night, but they offer a fascinating look into the past, and are especially interesting for the collector of advertising ephemera.
View of Rear of Store
View toward the back of the store.  On the left are a number of table model radios including an RCA "La Siesta" (far left, second level) and several others.


The store window as seen from the street.  

Record Department

Once upon a time, you could actually listen to a record before you bought it!

Clocks and Kitchen Items

This view shows a nice display of GE clocks and various other small appliances.


Another view of the window, with many different items on display.

View of Front of Store

View at the front of the store.  Several Philco and RCA consoles are visible.  The display on the right may be an offering of used radios, as there appears to be an older cathedral style set there.  An RCA-Victor radio poster hangs on the wall.

Basement Level-Heavy Appliances

Basement Level-Heavy Appliances, light bulbs, lamps, and bicycles.