Early Ham Radio Photographs-Page 4

This is W3IU's amateur station, circa 1936.  The receiver is a Breting 12 and the microphone appears to be an early version of the Astatic 104 crystal. 
The Breting 12 was a 12-tube general coverage receiver, with a range of 550 kHz to 30 mHz.  It cost about $93.00 when new.

The transmitter is a very nicely done homebrew job, as can be seen in the pictures above and below.  It is not a high power unit, using only a single 203 (?) as the final amplifier.  The modulator (the second chassis from the bottom) appears to use a pair of 800's in push-pull.  Click on either transmitter picture for a larger view.

This is W3IU with his equipment, in another room of the house.  The microphone stand is different, and just behind it is an oscilloscope being used as a modulation monitor.