Radio Shop-1929

This is a photograph of an old radio shop which, according to the calendar in the background, was taken in June of 1929.  The calendar shows the name of a realtor in Norristown, Pennsylvania, so it is likely that this shop was there, too.

In the foreground at the left is an Atwater Kent model 55 console radio.  The remaining three consoles at the right side are unidentified, but the second from the right is probably also an Atwater Kent.  Each console has a speaker on top.  From left to right these are the RCA model 100, the RCA model 100A, the Atwater Kent E3, and a Peerless.  On the wall behind the Peerless is a framed promotional photograph of the Atwater Kent factory.

On the shelves in the back are several additional Atwater Kent speakers, an unidentified free-edge cone speaker, various RCA tubes, and a number of unidentified items.  Behind the AK 55 can be seen two RCA loop antennas.  These antennas are of the type that were provided with RCA Radiola 25 or 28 radios.  The radios themselves are hidden behind the AK 55.  By 1929, the Radiola 25 and 28 models were several years old, so these sets are either trade-ins, or sets undergoing repair.

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