RCA Promotional Photographs

On this page are a group of photographs produced for or by RCA promoting specific products or the company in general.  Some probably appeared in RCA company publications such as the "RCA Engineer".  All of these photos would appear to date from the 1950's, and were scanned from original prints acquired from the estate of the photographer who took them.  Unfortunately, I don't know his name.

Radiola 24 and Transistor Radios

A 1924 Radiola 24 radio is compared with and experimental transistor radio built into a pen.  This picture must be from the early 1950's.

RCA Electron Microscope

The device is an RCA electron microscope, and the location is almost certainly the RCA Laboratories, just outside of Princeton, NJ.

Unknown device, unknown person, but this was probably also taken at RCA Laboratories.

This picture shows an RCA color TV camera installation at at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. in the 1955-56 period.  This system was used to televise operations for instructional purposes.  The round object in the center is a high-intensity lighting fixture with an opening in the center.  The mirror above the lamp allowed the TV camera to focus on the operation as it proceeded.  This picture was probably taken just after the installation was completed.  It might be safely assumed that the patients were not expected to lie on the floor.

RCA Portable Radio

RCA portable phonograph, late 1950's.

RCA portable phonograph, late 1950's.

RCA Television, model unknown, circa 1951

David Sarnoff

This is RCA Chairman David Sarnoff (right) and RCA president Franklin Folsom with an RCA CTC-5 color television, 1956,  This photograph, with the background and Mr. Folsom's image carefully removed (or another shot with only Sarnoff present), found it's way into RCA advertisements for this TV.