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This is an early 9-inch "mirror-in-lid" RCA television set made for the field test trials of 1936.

This is an early NBC television studio control room, circa 1939.  Click here (or on the photo) for a larger view.

A television remote broadcast, circa 1939, with the camera and microphone (using a parabolic dish) positioned atop one of the NBC remote vans.  These vans can be seen in better detail here.
This is an RCA home facsimile receiver.  One of the promises of the "modern age" (along with the personal helicopter parked in the driveway), was the home fax machine, and the delivery of newspapers directly to the home.  The idea never really caught on, though the fax has become an essential business tool.
This is an early fax machine used for sending photographs to remote locations.  Machines like this were primarily used by services such as AP and UPI.
News organizations often relied on the reception and transcription of foreign broadcasts to collect international news.  In this view, three type HRO receivers made by the National Company are in use for this purpose.
This is a view of a Bell System long lines terminal room in New York  The equipment shown here was devoted to the transmission of network radio broadcast signals.  Very prominent are monitor speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, and patch panels.  Interestingly, numerous telegraph keys and sounders are also visible.  Click here (or on the photo) for a larger view.
This is a shipboard radio installation, of unknown type, but the small sign at the lower right is in Italian so that may be where the equipment was made, and it was quite likely in the 1920's.  Click here (or on the photo) for a larger view.

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