Radio Dealer and Repair Shop Window Decals

Cunningham Tubes Decal-Late 1930's

Shown here are a collection of decals that were sent to radio dealers, hardware stores, and repair shops by the various manufacturers to place on the inside of their shop windows.  These decals date from the mid 1930's at the earliest, and the late 1950's at the latest.

Philco Radio Service Decal-Late 1930's

Philco Radio Service Decal-Late 1930's

RCA Tubes Decal-Late 1940's

National Union Radio Service Decal-1930's

If you ever see this image on the face of a cheap quartz wall clock, now you know whose website it came from.


National Union Tubes Decal-Mid 1930's

Sylvania Radio Service Decal-Late 1940's

GE-Mazda Lamps Decal-Late 1930's

GE Bulbs Decal-1940's

Blaupunkt Auto Radio Decal-Late 1950's