DuMont Television Sign

DuMont Television Sign

Allen B. DuMont was one of the true pioneers in television.  His company, DuMont Laboratories, was one of the first American companies to market an all electronic home television receiver in 1937 and founded one of the first television broadcast networks in the late 1940's.  They were noted for large, expensive, high quality sets (including a 30-inch monster), but they couldn't compete with the giants like RCA, and by the late 1950's, the company passed into history.

The sign shown here dates from the late 1940's or early 1950's and would have been found in the showroom or window of a DuMont dealer.  It was made by the Green-Lite Sign and Sales, Inc. of New York.  As might be expected from the name, the illumination came from a green fluorescent bulb.  The DuMont name was engraved into a sheet of clear Lucite plastic so that the name appeared to float in space.  The base is made of polished aluminum, with the lettering for the slogan cut out so that, too, was illuminated in green.

DuMont Television Sign Lit

DuMont Sign Lit