Oldsmobile Service Neon Clock

Oldsmobile Service Clock

This clock is typical of many advertising clocks that were made in the 1930's and 1940's by Neon Products Inc., of Cincinnati, OH.  This particular clock was made for an Oldsmobile dealer's service department and bears a manufacturing date of 1941 inside.  It is about 18 inches wide.

This clock features a "spinner", an aluminum mask supported by a spring and wire suspension in place of the normal second hand.  The mask has a number of holes which interact with another mask pattern silk-screened on the inside of the outer glass.  As the spinner rotates, the light of the neon tube passes through the two masks and creates a swirling motion effect which draws attention to the clock.

The face of the clock was a separate piece that was held in by four screws.  This made it easy for the manufacturer to customize the clock to meet each customer's requirements.  Also, it makes it easy to replace the face with one promoting a more desirable product, so anyone considering the purchase of such a clock should consider the possibility of a reproduction face.  The yellow/green neon tube in this clock is probably not original.

Oldsmobile Service Clock