RCA-Victor "Globe Trotter Radio" Globe

RCA Globe

"Globe Trotter" was the catch phrase RCA used to promote its short wave radios beginning in the 1930's, and a globe such as this was probably given away with one of their radios.  The globe is about 7 inches in diameter.  A number of short wave radio stations, with location and frequency, are marked on the base.  This globe was made circa 1934.

This globe is made of steel sheet, with lithographed markings.  There is no manufacturer's mark on this globe, but it is similar to other globes I have seen that were made by the Chein company.   Chein was noted for its lithographed metal toys, so it is quite possible that they made these globes for RCA.

RCA Globe

RCA Window Display-1934

Pictured above is a store window display as it appeared in "Radio Merchant", July 1934.  A number of these globes can be seen along with some other great advertising ephemera.