RCA Promotional Neon Lamp

RCA Neon Bulb

RCA Neon Bulb Lit

This is a promotional item put out by RCA in the late 1930's.  It was a neon lamp which featured the RCA lightning logo inside, but the glass bulb was in the shape of a radio tube of the day.  It used a standard Edison-type screw base.

This bulb was made by the Birdseye Electric Co., who made dozens of types of decorative neon bulbs.  Most of these used spherical or cylindrical bulbs, and most had flowers, animals, or religious symbols inside.  Product related bulbs are very rare.

There is rumored to be a version of this bulb that had the RCA-Victor Nipper dog logo inside, but I have never seen one.

From "Radio Today", August 1937