1930 RCA Radiotron Window Display Poster
This poster was issued by RCA early in 1930 to promote their line of Radiotron tubes.  The instruction sheet on the back says this poster is "rich in human interest appeal", and "will increase your sales".

Sitting on the table is one of RCA's Radiotron dolls, itself a very much sought after piece of RCA advertising material (no, I don't have one).  The young guy seems to be trying to make himself up to look like this doll.  The setting looks like a basement table, with an old mirror propped on a crate.  He has borrowed his mom's lipstick and used it to put red spots on his cheeks, as on the doll, but they came out looking like lip prints.  Wishful thinking, perhaps?

The poster measures 24 by 32 inches and is made of heavy cardboard, with a fold-out stand in the back.  The last picture shows a suggested window display using this poster as its centerpiece.

This picture of an actual RCA Radiotron doll appears here courtesy of the Southeast Antique Radio Society.