Wireless Specialty Eaton Oscillator

Eaton Oscillator
The Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co. was a major manufacturer of commercial and military radio equipment from 1909 until sometime in the 1920's when it was absorbed into the RCA conglomerate.  

The device shown here, apparently, bears the name of Lt. j.g. William A. Eaton, USN.  Eaton became the director of the Radio Test Shop at the Washington Navy Yard in 1915.  The group that he headed was a serious R&D operation which designed a number of radio communication system, both for shipboard and aircraft use.  Their designs were manufactured both in-house by the navy, and by outside contractors.

Engraved into the panel of this device is a connection diagram.  Inside, there seems to be nothing more than several capacitors and one resistor.  Externally, was a triode vacuum tube and an LC tuned circuit.  The panel measures only 3 by 5 inches, and it is about 3 1/2 inches high, including the ribbed insulator.  I have been told that this device dates to just after WW-I.  It's exact purpose is unknown.

Eaton Oscillator Nameplate
Wireless Specialty Eaton Oscillator