Climax Model C Tombstone

Climax Model C Tombstone
Climax is best known for making some very bizarre looking radios, but this circa 1935 example is fairly conventional.  There is no marking that would identify the model, but the circuit is consistent with the model C, so that is what I will call it for now.  A small metal plate on the plywood back cover identifies this as a Climax.

What sets this set apart from the crowd is the Repwood panel on the front.  "Repwood" is a trade name, presumably meaning "reproduction wood", and is a molded plastic (?) substance that was normally a beige color that was lacquered to give it the appearance of real wood.  The same material was also sold under the name "Syroco Wood".

This radio is a miniature tombstone design, 10 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 6 inches deep.  It is a 4-tube TRF design, which ensured that both the price and performance were low.

Contrary to an assertion made in a well known radio price guide, this radio is NOT a Westinghouse WR-100, though the design is similar.