DeWald Model 407 "Bantam" Radio

DeWald "Bantam" Radio

This awkwardly designed 1939 DeWald model 407 radio was known as the "Bantam".  It was available in brown Bakelite, as seen above.  It was also available with a Plaskon cabinet, in five additional colors, according to the notice that appeared in a 1939 trade publication at the bottom of this page.  These colors would have been white, blue, yellow, green, and red.

Seen below is a Bantam in a bizarre shade resembling raspberry sherbet, with flecks of white throughout.  Bantams are uncommon in brown or white, and exceedingly rare in any other color.  This example may well be the only one in existence.

Bantams were made with and without the handle, but always had the two white, non-functional "feet".  It is a very small set, about 7 1/2 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches high, and 4 1/2 inches deep.

The chassis was a simple 4-tube TRF design with a light-up dial.  The same basic case design was recycled in the late 40's by DeWald with an updated chassis, and without the window dial, handle, or "feet".

DeWald Bantam in Raspberry Plaskon
DeWald Bantam in Raspberry Plaskon
From "Radio Today", March 1939