DeWald Model A-502

DeWald Model A-502 in Red
DeWald was probably second only to Fada in the production of Catalin radios after WW-II.  This is the model A-502, generally known to collectors as the "step top" model, because of the "shoulders" on each side. 

This is the most attractive of DeWald's post-war models, especially with the insert grills as seen here.  They were also made without the inserts, with a piece of ugly plastic grill cloth in its place.  The glass dials in these radios are often damaged due to interference with the shrinking of the Catalin case.  If the glass didn't break, the case did.  Fortunately, certain Bakelite and wood radios used the same dial glasses, and are willing donors.

There was also a very unusual variation on this radio, the B-612, which used the same case as the A-502, but was a wireless FM tuner.

DeWald A-502 in Yellow