Emerson Model 199

Emerson Model AD-199 (White)
The 1937-1938 Emerson model 199 radio was available in brown Bakelite and white Plaskon at a list price of $9.99.  It is an attractive Art Deco design, and one that is popular with collectors.  Though fairly common in brown, the white examples are quite hard to find.

Two different chassis were used, with the primary differences being the audio output tube and the dial design.  The white radio shown uses the earlier U4B chassis, and the brown one uses the BA chassis.  It was a simple, 4-tube TRF design, suitable only for strong reception areas.

The earlier radios in this series were sold with matching molded back covers, however, it appears that a simple cardboard back was substituted at some point in the production run as a cost cutting measure.  The cardboard backs are usually missing today.

The molded back covers were held on by 5 screws.  What looks like a sixth screw (at the top, second from the left) is not really a screw, but a dummy screw head molded into the plastic.  The physical design of the chassis design made it impossible to use a real screw in this position.  Unfortunately, dimwitted servicemen often tried to remove this nonexistent screw, and chipped the case in the process!

Emerson Model AD-199 (White, Rear View)
Emerson Model BA-199 (Brown)
Emerson Ad-Philadelphia Inquirer-Feb. 20, 1938