Emerson Model 321 "Chinese Chest"

Emerson Model 321 "Chinese Chest" with Doors Closed

The 1934 Emerson model 321 radio featured hand-painted Chinese-style images on the front, sides, and inside each of the doors.  The rest of the cabinet was finished in black and gold lacquers.  

This oriental motif can be found on a number radios, phonographs, TV's, and furniture items from the 1930's through the 50's, so it was apparently quite popular, though I fail to understand why.  The thick blobs of paint they used for the islands look like they were squeezed out of a tube like cake icing, and give it a crude, somewhat amateurish appearance.

Still, this is a rare and unusual set, and it definitely looks better with the doors open.

Emerson "Chinese Chest" with Doors Open

Emerson "Chinese Chest" with Doors Open

1934 Emerson Brochure
The Emerson 321 seen in a 1934 brochure