Emerson Model BM-258 "Big Miracle"

Emerson BM-258 "Big Miracle"

The 1938 Emerson model BM-258 has come to be called the "Big Miracle"  by collectors because of its resemblance to the smaller "Little Miracle" (AX-235) model.  A similar (and quite common) radio using the same 5-tube (plus ballast) chassis was the model BM-206, available in brown Bakelite or white Plaskon.

It used a louvered grill insert which is subject to the same problems with warpage, shrinkage, and general deterioration as that of its smaller cousin.  It had the same problem with the knobs, as well.  The Big Miracle's design is ungainly, too tall, and not highly regarded by collectors.  The radio buyers in the late 1930's probably felt the same way, as these sets are particularly rare.